Online Sales Moved to eBay

Over the years I have manufactured small parts from my home shop here in Maryland. Maryland became an early adopter of several internet sales-related tax laws and requirements that would create an undue burden on me and the tiny profit I make on these parts. About 20 years ago I held a Maryland Sales and Use Tax License and it was a major PITA to maintain the bookwork required to comply.

My primary business is home inspection and the parts I sell here generate what amounts to “hobby money” that helps fund my own model railroad.

The only way to continue offering my parts at this time, without a large increase in paperwork and tax collection documentation, is to move back to eBay for online sales. I understand not all of you have or want an eBay account. This will be a burden for some including myself. The fee’s charged by eBay amount to about 13%, so my slim margin has gone down considerably.

If you do not have an eBay account please contact me directly @ and I will see what other options I can come up with.

My seller name on eBay is fs360llc.

If you do not see a product listed on eBay it means that item is temporarily out of stock.

Again, thank you all for being wonderful customers! Happy Rails!

Kelly R.