Scale Wheel Stops

Scale wheel stops designed after the prototype. In 2019 while exploring the Georgetown Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad I ran across these wheel stops still strapped in place.

The siding appeared to be used to unload oil tank cars in the 1940’s to 1950’s.

Having previously purchase wheel stops that were grossly oversized I decided to draw these in CAD and see how close I could come to the prototype and still have some reasonable amount of strength to stop a model car. Stops are glued to the railhead with CA glue and hold up well to the occasional runaway rail car.

It looks like they will make a great addition to any model railroad. I will have these available in HO scale code 83 and code 70.

I was given the go-ahead by the B&O field inspector to place the scale wheel stops online for immediate delivery in my eBay Store.