Weaver Adjustable Drive Kit




Weaver adjustable drive kits are guaranteed to improve the low-speed performance of your chain-driven locomotive or your money back!

Designed as a drop-in replacement for most Weaver chain-driven locomotives. This kit replaces the stock plastic drive tower with a two-piece adjustable tower. You will enjoy smooth and quiet operation with this easy-to-install kit. No modifications are required.

Weaver adjustable drive kits feature:

  • Adjustable height towers for the perfect chain tension
  • Electrical isolation from the frame
  • Ball-bearing supported driveshaft
  • Guaranteed better slow-speed performance with a 2.5 to 1 gear reduction
  • Kit includes everything needed to perform the upgrade
  • Detailed instructions on fine-tuning your trucks

This kit is intended to be used on most locomotives that feature a chain-driven mechanism. If you purchase a kit and it will not fit your locomotive I will refund your money once I receive the parts back. https://youtu.be/cXVKs-Ovpus This video features an earlier version of the drive installed and operating in a Red Caboose GP9. The locomotive is running on a glass table with a dead rail installation. Power is provided by a single A123 battery.


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