Prototype Wheel Stops

In 2019 while exploring the Georgetown Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad I ran across these wheel stops still strapped in place on a siding. The siding appeared to be used to unload oil tank cars in the 1940s to 1950s. 

Since I am modeling this exact location this is a must-have detail. Previously purchased wheel stops that I had in my details bin were grossly oversized so I set out to replicate these as closely as possible.

A small compromise was in necessary at the strap location to provide the needed strength to mount the stop and be strong enough to stop a model car.

Stops are glued to the railhead with CA glue and hold up well to the occasional runaway rail car. After testing I was given the go-ahead by the B&O field inspector to place the scale wheel stops online for immediate delivery.

These prototype wheel stops should make a fine addition to any model railroad. I will have these available in HO scale code 83 and code 70.

Prototype Wheel Stops Found On The Georgetown Branch
Wheel Stops On The Georgetown Branch
Prototype HO Scale Wheel Stops
HO Scale Code 70 Wheel Stops
Wheel Stop Size
FineScale Wheel Stops vs Cast Wheel Stops

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