Prototype Waybills

Operations on my layout have evolved from basic car cards and waybills, to switch lists,  and now to what some call “prototype waybills”. Before I get too deep into this subject, let me state that “I consider prototype waybills to be an extension of the layout scenery” and nothing more. My adventure with prototype waybills […]

Turnout Control Inside a Scale Switch Stand

Model 51 Turnout Control

Push-button turnout control hiding in plain sight. Hidden inside this HO scale model of a Bethlehem Steel Co. Model 51 low-profile switch stand is a tactile push-button for local turnout control. Simply press down on the target to throw your turnout. A great solution to local control of a turnout without a control panel. Because […]

Model Railroad Benchwork

Model Railroad Benchwork

Choosing a style of model railroad benchwork can be overwhelming. There are so many different construction styles and techniques along with other deciding factors such as building a permanent structure or building the layout so it can be moved.  After building two other, permanently installed, versions of this railroad, I decided this time that a […]

GP9 Frame Material: Aluminum vs Brass

Red Caboose GP9 Metal Frame

Aluminum vs Brass, I have seen some debate over the years touting brass as a superior frame material, but I have to disagree! My chosen material for machining GP9 frames is 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy and for good reason. Some argue that the brass frame being sold by others is a better solution because it adds […]

Prototype Wheel Stops

Prototype HO Scale Wheel Stops

In 2019 while exploring the Georgetown Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad I ran across these wheel stops still strapped in place on a siding. The siding appeared to be used to unload oil tank cars in the 1940s to 1950s.  Since I am modeling this exact location this is a must-have detail. Previously purchased […]